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July 18, 2012


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This is what we (the moderators) think to be the most accurate "tag" selection.
Please read the folder's description and look at the examples before submitting your artwork

  • Landscape and Still Life
    Finished work. Nature is the most important thing in the image. Urban cities also belong in this folder.
    • Landscape
      Sunset at Sea by Danny-artBluebell Woods by dominocWay home by faustissima
    • Still Life / Inanimate objects
      Red Rose by AussieLizLeather Boots by agapetosWeekly 29 "Take it Easy" by Dementedsnake

  • People and human portraits
    Figurative artworks. Realistic Artworks

    • buffy by NcmprhnsblAmy Lee by ChandanBStormin by thetetineOpposite sides by vilssonify

  • Tutorials, Procesess and resources
    Teach something, shows the way you do things, backgrounds, brushes, icons...

    • Skin Palette for MyPaint V2 by MeryAlisonThompsonHow to make brushes in MyPaint by TheShockMyPaint n Gimp Ferret pic tut by WenchkinMaking of... by vilssonify

  • Sketches, WIPs and SpeedPaintings
    Not much detail. Not-quite-finished look. Unfinished work. Can be in BW or color.

    • Dragonn by judoFlippDigital charcoal sketch by Griatch-artGee sketch by periwinkleimp

  • Comic, Cartoon, Manga or Anime
    Not realistic images

    • Pie izquierdo (= left foot) by hemamNaughty Girl by juanbautyDreaming by fbruno
      miku by leleyuMiharu Garden Sketch by C-quelIndustrial Paint Bot by mister-k81

  • Techno Robots and mechanical Stuff
    Technology and mechanical stuff. Futuristic or Retro look.

    • Iron Man by tkc-artDeep Space by TheShockAircraft by G-Avoyan

  • Real Animals and monsters
    Realistic animals and all type of realistic monsters (i.e. similar to ones you can see in movies)

    • Fireside Hamish by WenchkinAquila Chrysaetos by CreativetoneThe Avis by FuriarossaAndMimma

  • Abstract and Surreal
    Not figurative; you can´t find this type of images in the "real" world.

    • seasons by Dawnn2104Abstract Rose by Brooky30Shedding Skin by red20
      Abstraction of Eve by AevaNtscAbyss's Stare by vandalktree-3.png by Ncmprhnsbl

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This is a good generality of catergories. I like this.
kobaltkween Jul 19, 2012  Professional Digital Artist
I often use MyPaint for postwork on my 3d renders. Is that a usage you would be interested in including?
TheShock Jul 19, 2012  Professional Digital Artist
is an interesting question. i have to talk with the other admins. because your case is not unique. we have requests of people who use mypaint to photoretouch wich i think is not the best use of mypaint but is possible.same with images done with gimp+mypaint, wich is the maximum percentage of gimp? we have to discuss. thanks for your interest.stay tuned
kobaltkween Jul 19, 2012  Professional Digital Artist
Thanks for saying so! And I definitely can imagine others in a similar position. Postwork on 3d is often very different than photo-retouching, but can be similar in some ways. The thing to keep in mind is that finishing images, both photos and renders, often involves doing a fair amount of painting hair, skin, and clothing. As much as I would _love_ a fan brush in MyPaint, or a way to give brushes specific shapes in general, what I typically do in postwork is painting. Photoshop has some really great painting tools, but MyPaint is specifically designed for painting. The real trick is rendering large enough.

I completely understand if that kind of work doesn't have enough MyPaint use to fit the goals of your group. I just thought it might be cool to show how it can be used in different ways.
fernandohsousa May 12, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
One think I often use is make a base mesh to study proportions and composition in Blender, then I do a clay render or even a wireframe and paint over it inside Mypaint... It helps in some extent to keep structure and shape, then work out the colors and shading/lighting, hope it helps.
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